the field of well being



a welcoming gap





Me includes all of us

NATHAN: OK, time for another break. Hard work, the statue business.

LORNA: Good idea. What will we do in our break, comrade?

NATHAN: I’ll interview you. It will be good practice for when you’re famous

LORNA: I’m not going to be famous.

NATHAN: Oh, come on, you never know . . .

LORNA: I don’t want to be famous. I want to be me.

NATHAN: Er, you already are you, aren’t you?

LORNA: Yes. And I want to stay that way. Which is not what famous is, is it?

NATHAN: But you’re an actor! You make a living out of not being you! That’s the whole thing of being an actor!

LORNA: Me is an empty space. Me is a welcoming gap. Me includes all of us: me is full of the whole wide world. And that, darling, is the absolute entire point of being an actor.

NATHAN: You’ve been doing that meditation thing you do, haven’t you. It seems to have rendered you totally incomprehensible.

LORNA: I know. Great, isn’t it. I’m really making progress.


From the play Time’s Fools - the magic of maybe
by Deirdre Burton and Tom Davis

In performance at the mac Birmingham February 20th-22nd 2015