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strange word





Strange word, is me.

I am Charly.

Hi, this is me! Me! Strange word, is me. My cat Jeffrey says me, me, says it a lot. Especially when hungry, which is more than sometimes. He is a me cat. I am Charly. Charlie is Charly too. Only we spell it different otherwise we would be the same. I think this is wonderful. Joel agrees. Don’t you, Joel?

—Yes, dear.

—Are you my father, Joel?

—Yes, my love.

—And Charlie, he is my father too, isn’t he?

—Of course he is.

—And Grandad, especially?

—Of course.

—You are very wise Joel. You are wise like Jeffrey. He sleeps a lot.


—I think so.

Anyway, this is my weblog. My blog. It is a blog of one, only I read it. I write to me. And Joel, of course.

Today I went and talked to my horse, she is called Ayesha. She is an Arab. She is as beautiful as god. I saw her born, Mum pulled her out. Awesome. Awesome, is my Mum. All night it took, I stayed up. I was a bit scared but Joel was kind like always. Mum said, learn; blood, birth, learn. She is awesome tough, is my Mum. I think I learned, I prayed, I hope that helped. Did I learn, dear Joel?

—I think so, dear Charly.

Anyway Charlie is teaching me many many things. He teaches me to fight. Haaa! He says, and haaa! I say, and we hit and block. I kicked him in the golden target yesterday and he had to go and recover, Mum laughed like a waterfall. I didn’t mean to, but it happened. He should of blocked but was not quick. I was quick. Woo! Well, Murray taught me secretly. Charlie came back wearing a dustbin lid. Clank!

Zurich was beautiful but not as beautiful as Ayesha. The lake is nice. The town is white and nice and the lake is blue and the mountains are reasonably awesome. I can speak German! A bit. Hey Joel wie geht’s mein herr?

—Nu, to zayt mir gezunt!

—You speak funny German.

—My grandparents. They were funny Germans.

—Goodbye blog for now. Wiedersehen Mr Joel.

—Shalom mein liebling.

An extract from the novel Can’t Catch Me!
by Deirdre Burton and Tom Davis - the opening of chapter two.