the field of well being








Welcome to the field of well being.

Though, actually, we have never been out of it. So, really, this should say “welcome to remembering the field of well being”.

To reconnect with this energy field, simply follow these suggestions.

Make yourself comfortable - sitting down - lying down - anywhere the body can relax and feel supported. Personally, I like to do this at a special time every morning - on a squashy sofa, with a warm cat on my lap and a cup of good quality coffee in my hand. Once you’re used to it, you can do it anywhere, anytime, probably most of the time, and in due course, when you’re ready - all of the time.

Please imagine that you are in a field of well being. And this energy field extends for thousands upon thousands of miles in every possible direction. Take some time to enjoy what that feels like.

And here’s what I understand about being in this field:

The only thing the field is interested in is well being. It has no other agenda. It has intelligence way beyond anything that I, as an individualised human being, can access, and it is available to help us at any time - both to restore, and amplify, well being.

I choose to believe that this is actually the fundamental energy of the universe. As Einstein may have said “the most basic question to ask yourself is this: is the universe friendly or not?” If he didn’t actually say it, someone thought he did . . . and it’s a great question to ask.

Now, can I prove that this is true? Well no. If I choose to believe it, does it allow me to behave better? To live more consciously and kindly? To feel better as I go about my day? To do my work better? To think more clearly? Yes. So, until or unless proven otherwise, this is a belief I re-connect with as often as I can.

And then I watch my experiences in the everyday world when I do this, and am, quite simply, amazed. So, that’s good enough for me. I know from my experiences that this is a useful belief to live with. No need to take my word for it. You can check it out for yourself.

My understanding is that, just as the daytime sky is always blue - even if there is cloud disguising that fact, and just as all beings are inherently good - even if their neuroses and behaviour seem to contradict that, so we are all, always in the field of well being - even if our thinking and actions and experiences seem to be at odds with that.

No need to take my word for it - please check it out for yourself

So - what I would suggest is this: just keep reminding yourself that you are in the field of well being. Allow yourself some time and space to really relax in that awareness, and feel how it becomes a body-felt reality. The field is always present - it is taking good care of you and, when you are in harmony with it, then you are contributing to it. We participate in its extraordinary intelligence.

Think of it as being far more intelligent than we are. See what happens when you consciously participate in the field by requesting its help. Have some fun with little experiences first. For example - the other day a butterfly flew in through an open window and circled around the room. Obviously I wanted it to fly out again before it hurt itself. I knew that I couldn't help it in any practical way without risk of damaging it myself. So, I reminded myself I was in - and a part of - the field of well being - and simply requested that the intelligence of the field would take good care of this situation. And, of course, it did. A few seconds later the butterfly just flew straight out of the window again.

Try it with flies that seem endlessly trapped on a window pane - or with the sound of cats fighting in a nearby garden - or that phone call that you’ve been putting off because you imagine it’s not going to go well or a meeting you’re not looking forward to - and so on . . .

When you have confidence in these small examples, and can really sense the value, and ease, of being in the field - allow yourself to experiment with anything that seems distressful and beyond your own ability to make harmonious. Waking in the night and not being able to sleep? Being in a situation where tempers are frayed? Walking through an agitated part of the city? Being with a loved one who is in pain? Finding yourself worrying about the past or the future? Get used to the experience of remembering that you are in the field, that you can consciously be a part of it . . . and that you are, in this way, broadcasting its frequency to whatever or whomsoever you connect with. Prepare to be amazed - both for yourself and others.