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Here are some inspirational, creative and extremely generous artists. They, and their work, are a regular reminder for me of what it means to work in the field of well being.


Every day (well, mostly) a new photograph and a poem to go with it.

A treasure trove of sensitively performed guitar music and valuable information.

Delightfully imaginative upcycled clothes - inspired by love. And lots else besides.

Plays to make you laugh, cry and delight in the unexpected. A true feast of friends exploring theatre as the alchemy of the heart

A sensitive artist friend - keeping her work and thoughts fluid

Plays, blogs, photos, poems, fiction, websites, songs, videos and scamels (scamels?)

Indescribably moving photography and writing from the truly still point of a turning world.

Earth, fire, food, companionship, skill and kindness - to nourish the very heart of you

A free audio play to listen to or download - it lasts for one hour. Listen with headphones or a good sound system to get the full benefit. Listeners' responses are here.