the kindness of time








the kindess of time: feedback


Just to say what a beautiful production it was last night. It was very gentle and moving and the sounds were so evocative. It was the sort of experience you do not forget. The script was wonderfully written with such poetic words and ideas and it flowed seamlessly. The music was almost unbearably beautiful and sounded so effortless and weightless. I need to hear the audio again to get my head around all the possible layers of meaning and their implications! It  was like a beautiful poem in which you enjoy the words, rhythm and sounds then keep rereading it to appreciate its meanings! So, thank you for sharing it with us as it was a most profound and beautiful experience.

What a delicious hour it was! A warm, relaxing, safe hour that had us quiet and yet together listening. The voices and singing and story is lovely.

I have just spent a magical hour listening to the play. I listened with my eyes closed and every level of me felt its sparkling vibration. I feel so blessed that you told me about it. A beautiful rich and enriching experience. Thank you all.

The play is a beautiful symphony of sound, meaning, light, originality and of course love. Beautifully orchestrated together, a rare gift .

I have just listened to your wonderful play.  I felt as if I were cradled in a hammock swung between two trees in the dappled sunlight!  It is deeply nourishing and reminds me of precious friendship. Thank you for sharing your creative insights.

I really, really enjoyed your play. A most interesting thing was that I felt my energy shift into a most ethereal, delicious and joyful bodyfelt sense.  This was made more interesting to me, as I have a bit of difficulty with listening and comprehending.  It is much easier for me to read.  When I listen without pictures, I tend to not take in everything.  So, there are bits that really escaped me, but I suspect that didn't matter, as I am truly in a different space!  I will listen to it again. I also loved that it had lots of references to churches and saints and suchlike, but it wasn't religious at all in the traditional sense.  It was the mystical and the unitive consciousness vibe that came through.  How truly wonderful! I can think of several more people now to send the link to. 

Christmas activities have come to a happy conclusion and in the peace that follows I was able to listen again this morning to your play. Full of loving wisdom intertwined with gentle humour, it is an exquisite creation. The harmony and purity of the a capella choir was magical. The choir  described itself as a "feast of friends". My description of The Kindness of Time is that it is a truly nourishing ‘feast of words and music’.